Jet Noise

We are responding to the recent 2 Cents commentaries about jet noise over the Palisades.

First, some background: The Santa Monica Canyon Civic Association has been fighting the FAA for three years over this issue.

We first noticed an increase in jet noise in 2016. The noise was coming from flights arriving at LAX. We contacted the FAA, who denied that there had been any change in flight patterns.

It soon came out that the FAA was introducing a new arrival and departure regime called LA Metroplex. LA Metroplex would change flight paths at every major airport in SoCal as part of an effort to update the airplane navigation system nationwide.

An Environmental Assessment (EA) process had been completed with local stakeholders. Why hadn’t the Palisades been included? The FAA said they determined there would be “no significant impacts” for us, so they were not required to include us.

They also insisted the Palisades area would actually experience a decrease in noise levels. As we now know, this was not true.

SMCCA filed a lawsuit challenging the EA, as did other local neighborhoods. The suits were combined and transferred to a Washington, D.C., court, and the case was heard in 2018.

Unfortunately, we lost, with the judge ruling that the FAA had complied with the minimum EA requirements.

Fast forward to today: Loud overflights are now routine, a harbinger of things to come as the Metroplex allows the FAA to increase the number of flights at LAX, creating “a superhighway in the sky” (quoting from the EA) over our neighborhood.

The good news is our elected officials—from the local to federal levels—agree there is a problem. It is a national issue with the FAA involved in litigation in each of the 20 metropolitan areas where Metroplex has been introduced. Senators and congress members are paying attention.

You can help. Below is a list of your representatives that are working on the issue. Contact them now and tell them that concentrating flights over our neighborhood is unacceptable.

There are alternatives the FAA needs to explore. Please note LAX is owned by the city of Los Angeles. For more information, contact Debbie Warfel at debwarfel@gmail.com.

Congressman Ted Lieu: Joey Apodaca, joey.apodaca@mail.house.gov, 323-651-1040

Senator Dianne Feinstein: Jeanette Cheng, jeanette_cheng@feinstein.senate.gov, 310-914-7300

Senator Kamala Harris: Morgan White, morgan_white@harris.senate.gov, 310-231-4494

Councilmember Mike Bonin: Geoff Thompson, geoff.thompson@lacity.org, 310-568-8772

Debbie Warfel

Thank You

Thank you to Mike Tomas, the tennis contractor in the Palisades Park, for bringing “Super Saturday”—Tennis in the Park on March 2.

Mike brought in a terrific program of professional players, an outstanding emcee, the father and coach of the champion Bryan brothers, great discussions with the pros, and awards to participating kids.

Mike prepared for the rain by protecting two courts with huge tents; enough to allow the kids to hit with the pros and for spectators to watch, but unfortunately not enough for the planned professional exhibition matches.

Hopefully there will sunshine for the next Tennis in the Park. It is great for the community and great for tennis.

Thank you again.

George Wolkon