The Highlands and PPCC

Pacific Palisades Community Council’s Land Use Committee met on Feb. 22 and voted on two motions. The outcome of the vote on the second motion, made by Sarah Conner to re-hear the eldercare facility proposed for the commercially zoned property at 1525 Palisades Drive, determined that the LUC will meet again to review the coastal aspects of the eldercare project.

At present, the LUC position indicates that we find an eldercare facility to be an appropriate land use at the proposed commercially zoned site. The emphasis in our findings was the use, not the building.

Similarly, the PPCC board made no statement on the question of whether the project was in conformity with the required findings for Site Plan Review (LAMC 15.05), including the finding that the project design is “ … compatible with existing and future development on adjacent properties and neighboring properties.”

The board also noted “community concerns about height, safety, access, noise, disruption and proximity to zoned open space” in our motion. Our intent was to highlight these issues to city decision makers on this project, in case they had relevance in the crafting of conditions or requirements for the project, should it be approved.

Now the LUC voted, immediately prior to this motion being put to the vote, on another motion that specifically added language to the LUC Policies & Procedures to “consider coastal issues when reviewing development projects within the Coastal Zone.” In light of this vote, it became imperative to look again at the eldercare proposal, specifically from a coastal point of view.

The date for the LUC meeting to review the above matter is set for March 13 at Palisades Branch Library Meeting Room, from 4:15-5:30 p.m. Both the developer and the community group opposed to the project have been informed and invited to participate in presentations.

If the LUC votes to make a recommendation to the PPCC board for consideration, it will be placed on the agenda for discussion and possible action on April 12 at PPCC’s regularly scheduled public board meeting. A West LA Area Planning Commission hearing has been set for April 18. If the board’s position on the matter changes, from our previously submitted statement to the Zoning Administrator (the only letter ever submitted on this matter is viewable on our website under “Documents,” “Motions & Positions”)  a PPCC position letter will be sent to the city in a timely fashion.

Maryam ZarChair, PPCC

Trash Talk

As a clarification to the reader who complained about a bag of garbage sitting, uncollected, on the sidewalk: The Pacific Palisades Business Improvement District is responsible for picking up trash in trash cans and sidewalk trash within our boundaries.

We have hired Chrysalis as the group responsible to do that work. They are very diligent in keeping our area maintained. They collect and bag the trash, place it on the sidewalk, and usually within about 30 minutes or so, their truck comes around to collect all the bags. Although the photo of the bags cannot be verified as “ours,” one could surmise that the truck had not yet made its rounds.

Or it could have been on the Friday that a Chrysalis worker was hit by a car (he is OK) and the trash wasn’t picked up until the following working day, which in this case, would have been a Monday.

BID and Chrysalis take this task seriously and are proud of their partnership in keeping the Business District clean.

Laurie SaleBID Executive Manager