LAPD Reports Trend in Vehicle Theft


Senior Lead Officer Michael Moore has issued a community alert to make Palisadians aware of a trend in vehicle thefts throughout 90272 on Saturday, April 13.

The alert reported that suspects are canvassing residential neighborhoods during the overnight hours, and are targeting vehicles parked on streets, driveways or unsecured garages.

Referred to as “door checking,” the tactic that has resulted in rising vehicle theft and burglary consists of suspects approaching vehicles at night and looking for unlocked doors. If successful, the suspects “will enter the vehicle and ransack the interior, and pop the trunk looking for any valuables,” according to the alert.

Vehicles that use fob keys are also vulnerable, as suspects will attempt to start the vehicle in hopes of its owner leaving it inside. Once started, the vehicle is stolen.

At least four vehicles were reported stolen in the last two weeks of March, along with two home burglaries so far in April.

“Suspects have also been ‘door checking’ the doors to homes,” Moore wrote. “In previous incidents, the suspects have entered unlocked doors, targeting small items left inside the doorway such as purses, wallets, briefcases, keys and small electronics that are typically left within proximity to the front door.”

The West Los Angeles Area Police Department—and Palisadians alike—continue to report home thefts where the suspect knocks to see if anyone is home before breaking and entering.

To prevent future incidents, the department continues to urge homeowners to invest in security measures such as security cameras, alarms, motion sensor lighting, gates and security patrols.

The report is the latest reminder to Palisadians that the days of being able to leave your car unlocked with the keys inside are over.

Several online tools are also available to track crime in the Palisades such as and, which serves as a direct communication board from police officials on recent crimes.