Kreation Organic Cafe


It has become increasingly difficult for gluten-free and vegetarian option restaurants to stand out at a time when eateries have made solid efforts to include such options. Despite the challenge, Kreation Organic Juicery has managed not only to stand out, but to bring health-conscious culinary options to the forefront of foodies’ minds.

In an exclusive review for the Palisadian-Post, Kreation laid out its unique and expansive menu at the new Brentwood location, to show just how high they’ve set the bar.

Since founder Marjan Sarshar opened her first location in 2005 on Montana Avenue, Kreation has built an impressive menu of health-conscious combinations with a noticeable influence from Mediterranean and Persian cuisine.

For those who have trouble getting their day started, drinks like the Black on Black Latte, which features ingredients like soy milk, black tea and activated charcoal, are plenty reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Or if the day has started and customers are in search of something not so heavy but that can get them over the mid-day lunch slump, the Berryatric smoothie, composed of coconut water, raspberry, strawberry, almond butter, chia seeds, banana, honey and berry wellness protein powder, is up for the job.

But what really sets Kreation apart is that it isn’t a restaurant with great options for vegetarians or people trying to stay within the rules of their diet, but rather a health-conscious first location, with options for the rest of us who have never stepped foot into a green environment or who frequent the golden arches one too many times.

Kreation’s Mediterranean Breakfast Plate combines Feta, organic California walnuts, Persian garden, cucumber, fresh tomato, chopped red onion and red bell pepper, basil, and a choice of bread. Choose to enjoy the dishes one by one, or combine them all for flavors you might not have expected to like.

With your taste buds currently going 100 miles per hour, slow things down with the Chicken Bone Broth, a smooth and balanced soup for a rainy day.

An omelette made of free range egg whites, forbidden black rice, kale, turmeric and flaxseed puts ingredients I had never thought could be, or should be, served for breakfast. But several bites in, my perspective changed to, “Why isn’t this in every breakfast?”

I laughed at the Chicken Meatballs, dismissing the name as a paradox, as all meatballs should be made of ground beef and nothing else. But it was the chicken meatballs served on lavash with a roasted tomato who had the last laugh, making my small-minded culinary library look elementary.

At Kreation, you are not served “alternatives,” you are served exceptions—rule-breaking concoctions that break every stigma in the book, and make you healthier for it.

The new Brentwood location has included a full bar, changing the cocktail game while they’re at it. And with over a dozen locations all over Los Angeles, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be at Kreation tomorrow morning and suggesting it as a front runner for date night.

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