I See You

By RILEY KESTON | Junior Reporter

My favorite place to visit in the new Palisades Village is—without a question—See’s Candies. When I walk in, my mind gets carried off to See’s Candies World and I want to eat everything, but Mommy doesn’t let me. Fortunately, they have FREE SAMPLES [and Mommy actually lets me eat those].

My favorite kind of candy at See’s is the Scotchmallow. It tastes so good. It is a marshmallow covered in caramel covered in chocolate. If I could describe it in five words they would be yum, yum, yum, yum and extra yum [okay that is six].

Everyone in my family has their favorite. My dad loves the Dark Chocolate Bordeaux [brown sugar with sprinkles]. My mommy loves the Polar Bear Paw [white chocolate with peanuts and caramel] and the Bridge Mix, which is a little bit of everything covered in chocolate in tiny bite size pieces.

My sister Parker loves the Molasses Chips [chocolate covered molasses]. My dog Tiki loves everything though. He will eat whatever we leave on the counter that is close enough to steal.

But guess what? They don’t just have chocolate. They have peppermints and lollipops. You can also measure yourself in lollipops! I am 14 lollipops tall.

See’s has so much more that I haven’t even found yet. But I will. Oh … I will.