Hoop Dreams for Rec Teams

Fighting Irish point guard Max Konecke (left) dribbles to the key in the Co-Ed Bantam final against the Orangemen.
Photos by Steve Galluzzo
Cissy Adams starts a fast break in the Girls Bantam final. She had 13 points as the Hawkeyes beat the Boilermakers.

It was “championship week” in the gyms at the Palisades Recreation Center for the spring basketball finals last Tuesday and Friday.

In the Co-Ed Minor Division, the Lakers beat the Clippers 24-9. Michael Davidi had 12 points and got help from Luka Stephan, Jeffrey Ren, Chander Desai, Zach Weiss, Sam Schwartz, Ilan Shapiro and Louis Thuan. Collin O’Donnell and Dashiel Karish also contributed through the season.

Barron Linnekens (right) of the 76ers battles for a rebound against the Pacers in the Co-Ed Major final last Tuesday.

The Girls Minor Division final was tied before the Tigers took control in the last two minutes to beat the Bulldogs 16-10. The Tigers consisted of Trista Federman, Skyla Burmeister, Bella Hansen, Harper Cwiertnia, Chloe and Lily Kennedy, Isis Elias, Tanitha Kopple, Zeynep Demirozu and Laleh Pashmforoush.

In the Co-Ed Major Division final the 76ers held off the Pacers 40-30 as Isayah Garcia scored 21 points and Luke Jacobs added 10. Contributing to the cause were Beckett Wilmott, Thor Gjerdrum, Barron Linnekens, William Lando, Jaden Fishman, Blake Sigworth, Benjamin Eisen and Kameron Zar.

Michael Davidi (right) of the Lakers drives for two of his 12 points in the Co-Ed Minor final against the Clippers.

The Girls Bantam Division final went to the Hawkeyes 24-12 over the Boilermakers. Cissy Adams had 12 points and Spencer Smith-Davis had eight. Also contributing to the victory were Madison Denbeau, Nika Blonna, Jane Van Tol, Alexis Wehrle and Gemma Schoenberg.

Max Konecke scored 23 points to lead the Fighting Irish past the Orangemen 38-32 in the Co-Ed Bantam Division final. Aiding the winners’ efforts were Seth and Neel Shouri, Max Schoenberg, Drake Zander, Noah Benharash, Hudson Paul, Rocco DeGeorge, Remy Edgerly, and Miles Winsberg.