Highlands Farmers Market Officially Opens


Set to a backdrop of fog-covered mountains, The Highlands Farmers Market officially opened to the public on Sunday, March 3.

The new produce option for residents at the top of Palisades Drive makes the second farmers market operated by Raw Inspiration in Pacific Palisades, joining the market at Palisades Charter High School.

Close to 20 vendors set up shop at the Casa Nostra parking lot, selling everything from fresh avocados to homemade bread and fresh coffee from vendors like Ace Farms, Topanga Grain Company, Vision Sprouts and Me Gusta Mexican Food Specialties.

Vallee Westland, who was raised in the Palisades, stood at the new market selling fresh eggs from Kaliko Farms. The farm, which has been recovering from the Woolsey fire, houses free-range chickens to produce top-quality eggs specifically for local farmers markets.

“These eggs are only three or four days old, so they’re collected from the hens, hand washed and packaged to come to the farmers markets,” Westland explained.

On a larger scale, businesses like the Dry Dock Fish Co. was selling “fresh never frozen” fish. The family-owned operation can be found at close to 30 different farmers markets each week, and will now be a regular at The Highlands market.

“We get a lot of local options when it’s in season, but when it’s not, we’ll get halibut from Alaska or New Zealand or wherever it’s best in season,” said Tori Biedermann, who showed off her inventory of live spot prawns and sushi-grade fish.

“Rain or shine, we’re at the market.”

Significantly smaller than the beloved 80-vendor Pali High market, the new location has been deemed a “very small, boutique market” and will be open every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 1515 Palisades Drive.

The market currently operating at Pali High continues to search for a location big enough to house its return to The Village area of the Palisades, with Swarthmore Avenue deemed no longer an option.