Hidden Affordable Gems in the Palisades

By PAMELA RICH | Special to the Palisadian-Post

Pacific Palisades is often known for its highly desired neighborhoods, community atmosphere and astronomically high home prices. As one of the most highly sought-after locations in Los Angeles, home buyers are often eager to make any move they can to reside in this neighborhood.

Unfortunately, the high average price point deters many buyers in today’s market, but there is an opportunity to live here for much less.

The three mobile home communities in the Palisades offer all the attractions that the town has to offer, but for a fraction of the cost. One may go as far as to say that the mobile home communities are the best kept secret in Los Angeles, as Tahitian Terrace, Palisades Bowl and Malibu Village are often overlooked gems.

These three mobile home communities are all minutes from the beautiful beaches of Will Rogers and offer some of the most stunning white-water views that the Palisades is known for.

Residents in these mobile home communities are granted direct access to the beach, without the high price tag of a beachfront home. You will often find mobile homeowners enjoying sunset walks on the beach or taking a refreshing dip in the ocean.

It is interesting to note the diverse range of individuals residing in the three Palisades mobile home communities, spanning from retirees to families and young professionals. This wide cross section of residents adds a vibrant sense of culture in the close-knit mobile home community, united by the opportunity to live in a home by the sand.

Besides having the beach as your backyard, the mobile home communities offer communal heated pools and workout rooms as well. An added benefit is the location, as the mobile home communities are a quick drive to all of the amazing restaurants, schools and parks of the Palisades.

It is important to note that if you are interested in potentially moving into a mobile home community in the Palisades, you should be aware that you must pay “space rent.” This means that you don’t own the land, but you do own the mobile home. This could be a benefit for the homeowner, as you don’t have to pay property taxes.

Another factor that could affect your possible mobile home purchase is that you are not allowed to rent out your mobile home, with the exception being the Malibu Village community.

Prices in the Palisades mobile home communities range around $300,000 for a one bedroom with monthly space rentals starting at $600, depending on the unit. Units can go up to one million.

Currently, there are four Palisades Mobile homes available for sale, starting at $348,000 for a one bedroom in Palisades Bowl as well as two other Palisades mobile homes that are currently in escrow.

If you are interested in financing one, you need to speak with special lenders that deal with mobile home, as most conventional lenders do not lend on them.

I had the opportunity to interview Jamie Dixon, a local resident in Tahitian Terrace. When asked what separated the mobile home community from the rest of the Palisades, Dixon answered: “Definitely the community aspect! Dinners are held often together among residents and we all are very close with one another. It’s very similar to a family in the Tahitian Terrace community. I can always ask my neighbors to watch my daughter or dog, and everyone is very friendly and genuine.”

Dixon has resided in Tahitian Terrace for over 10 years and highly recommends it as an ideal area to raise a family. She loves the location of the mobile home park and tries to spend as much time as she can on the beach and with her fellow neighbors.

If you have any questions about buying a mobile home, give me a call at 310-666-7424 and we can help you.

Pamela Rich is a sales partner with Amalfi Estates that has sold over $1 billion in properties and was selected by the WSJ as one of the top 60 agents in the country out of one million agents. Rich can be reached on her cell at 310-666-7424 or pamela@amalfiestates.com.

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