Happy Birthday to Us—We are Turning 90!

By JOHN HARLOW | Editor-in-Chief

This month, the Palisadian-Post is turning a spritely 90.

It’s been a long road from the original church office in the midst of the ploughed fields that was the infant Pacific Palisades to the busy heart of The Village where the town’s most enduring newspaper plies its trade today.

We considered a wild party, Cannes style, inviting all our local celebrities.

But we have a “good neighbor” policy, never butting into their private time. Unless it’s our energetic co-mayors, Billy and Janice Crystal. They are fair game.

We considered a more low-key approach, in the mood of the times, maybe a barbecue at the

Field of Dreams. But then we would also need sprinkles. Food gets so tricky.

We certainly wanted to share the birthday with others turning 90 this year.

So, thanks to Fay Vahdani of Luxe Homecare, who knows everyone, we spoke to two local nonagenarians who are as lively as the Post.

They are sharing their recollections on Page 16.

They will probably be at the Pacific Palisades Woman’s Club Party for the 90 and better set on Saturday, June 2.

And then we thought, why not just show our readers what the newspaper used to look like, with its dense print and black and white images, back in 1928 when the population of the town was a few hundred hardy souls living in tents in Rustic and Temescal canyons.

And also, as a bonus treat, a handful of the newspaper logos that have evolved over the years. Not always for the better.

In 10 year’s time, I am confident the Palisadian-Post will celebrate its centenary in brilliant style. The city will be gearing up for the Summer Olympics, LA Mayor Rick Caruso may be thinking about refurbishing the smash-success Palisades Village, we will all be flying solo by Tesla electric jetpack … and this newspaper?

It will carry on exploring, explaining and entertaining, reflecting the generous, inquisitive and open spirit of the Palisades.

It is what the Palisadian-Post has been doing, under one name or another, under a splendid parade of dedicated proprietors and editors, for nine decades.

And, despite the challenges of fake and discounted news—you get what you pay for—and social media, we will carry on doing so into a very Palisadian future.

So, thank you, Post subscribers, for making it all possible.