Giving Thanks this Holiday Season

Palisadian poet Ginny Winn shared this Thanksgiving piece, inspired by the
“gravity of this year’s tragedy that happened to so many so nearby.”

No matter how many hollows in your life have burned

How many times you have felt spurned

Alone on the outside

Looking in.

The depth of your soul is more than you ever wished to know

So dark and black can embers glow

It takes only one spark to light the dark

And in a moment’s time you feel the shine.

As your mouth turns into a smile

You never enjoyed so much

Love sent even through ashy skies

Gifts of love and hope surprise.

So many people love me you say

I never knew until today

And as the air clears we begin again

And again and again.

We’ve done it before

And we’ll do it when we must

Feeling at home more easily now

Giving thinks courage and trust.

Gratitude, thanks, so glad to see

And be in my favorite company

The company of this human race

The earth’s yard our playground space.

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