Getty Villa to Present ‘The Heal’

Photos courtesy of Getty

By JARED HAMM | Intern

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in September, the Getty Villa will present its 14th annual outdoor theater production, “The Heal.”

The play, written and directed by Aaron Posner and co-produced by Maryland’s Round House Theatre, will be performed at the Barbara and Lawrence Fleischman Theater.

“The Heal” is inspired by an old tale of Sophocles’ “Philoctetes,” when Odysseus strands Philoctetes on a desert island until Odysseus needs his to help win the Trojan War.

“Sophocles’ ‘Philoctetes’ has been one of my favorite plays ever since I first read it in high school,” Posner explained in a press release. “It is an amazingly rich piece of work that can be read many ways, and can talk to many parts of the human experience.

“My version of the play in ‘The Heal’ is, I hope, both historical and contemporary. It lives in a timeless, theatrical present that is grounded in myth, but is exploring current conflicts.”

The play is a tale of causing wounds and pain, while finding a way to fix even the deepest scars with human connection.

“I’m thrilled to be bringing this epic story—full of music and movement and grand passions—to the spectacular outdoor space of the Getty Villa,” Posner shared. “It is an astounding place to do a re-imagined Greek play.”

Performances will take place September 5-28 at 8 p.m. Ticket prices start at $40 for Thursday, Friday $42 and $48 for Saturday.

For additional information contact 310-440-7300 or visit