Garcetti and Greuel Head to Runoff

Eric Garcetti RIch Schimtt/Staff Photographer
Eric Garcetti
RIch Schimtt/Staff Photographer

Falling short of the 50 percent vote needed to secure a victory on Wednesday morning, City Controller Wendy Greuel and City Councilman Eric Garcetti will be heading to a runoff election on May 21.

Garcetti, who has been endorsed by the Pacific Palisades Democratic Club, captured 32.93 percent of the vote to Greuel’s 29.19 percent.

Kevin James, a Republican who  labeled himself as an outsider to City politics, came in third with 16.36 percent of the vote. Councilwoman Jan Perry finished with 15.93 percent of the vote and Emanuel Pleitez, a former technology executive with both public and private-sector experience, captured 4.10 percent of the final vote tally.

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