Farmers Market Return Date to Swarthmore Remains Unclear

(Above, left) Olivia, Amber and Zoe shop at the Palisades Farmers Market for fresh produce. One of the complimentary services they provide is grocery shopping. Photo: Al Alicea


After the grand opening of the new Palisades Village, Palisadians are looking forward to getting some of their old Palisades back, starting with the Pacific Palisades Farmers Market on Swarthmore Avenue.

One week after the unveiling, there is still no word on the return of the market that has been temporarily operating at Palisades Charter High School since October 2016.

“The Caruso people said that they would wait until the crowds at the Palisades Village had dissipated and then arrange for the farmers market to return to Swarthmore,” said Richard Cohen, treasurer of the Pacific Palisades Community Council. “While they did not say so, I assumed they meant at least a few weeks.”

Representatives for the Pacific Palisades Farmers Market or Caruso were not immediately available for comment.

At the Sunday market on March 4 of this year, fliers that were handed out said, “The market is moving back to Swarthmore. We have been told the move will happen in October. We do not have the exact move date as of yet.”

Pali High has not received word of the market moving back and is expecting to host the market as usual on Sundays, according to Ashley Austin, Pali High’s communication coordinator.