Dear Vany

Junior Reporter Vanessa “Vany” Masterson answers some Palisadian-Post readers’ questions.

Dear Vany,

What do you do when you have a big test the next day but you keep getting distracted by your family and friends?



Dear RBD3,

You should find a quiet place in your house to do your work, away from your family members. When doing this, try really hard to be focused and go over the questions in your head or on a piece of paper.

If for some reason this is not possible, you should probably get a tutor who can help you with your subjects, and keep your friends and family out of your room. If you don’t want a private tutor, maybe you could go to the library to do your homework?

Another thing to do while you’re studying is put a sign on your door that tells people not to come in. I hope these tips will help you study for your test!

Best, Vany

Dear Vany,

What’s the right age to get a phone?



Dear Anonymous,

I think the right age to get a phone is in the middle of fifth grade. The time you will start walking home from school by yourself might be in fifth grade, so if you need to contact your parents, this device will let you.

The phone I think you should get is an iPhone SE. If your parents won’t let you, then you should get an iPod touch or Gizmo gadget. An iPod touch will let you communicate with Mom or Dad as long as you have Wi-Fi, and a Gizmo gadget is a phone, but you have no internet (you can’t look things up on web browsers).

I hope this advice will help you get a phone soon!

Best, Vany