AYSO Boys U8 Teams Earn Sportsmanship Award

Twenty-four teams participated in AYSO Region 69’s 15th annual Boys U8 Sportsmanship Tournament last Saturday at Will Rogers State Historic Park.    

Sportsmanship Awards went to Coach Zach Axelrod’s Orange Juice, made up of Henry Axelrod, Max Ehrman, Arsha Farkhondeh, Alex Ghiassi, Jasper Kennedy, Nate Rothman and Grey Smith; and Coach Dean Christopher’s Blue Falcons, made up of Cole Christopher, Liam Colon, Landon Fawaz, Leighton Fawaz, Leo Gilison, Jack Gilligan, Silas Grainer and Max Szymanski.

To determine the winners, each team was evaluated based on the decorum, courtesy and sportsmanship  of its players, coaches and parents before, during and after games. The round robin format consisted of six pools, each with four teams.                                                                                                                                                 Champions were as follows:

Pool 1—Midnight Lightning

Pool 2—The Magic

Pool 3—Red Hawks

Pool 4—Lightning Bolts

Pool 5—Gold Dragons

Pool 6—Green Dragons