A Summer Memory

By VANESSA MASTERSON | Junior Reporter

My best summer memory was when we got a dog. We had been looking for a dog for a long time, but we hadn’t found the right one.

Photo courtesy of Jessica Masterson

We went to lots of shelters, dog meet ’n greets and looked on endless websites. One day, we decided to go to a dog shelter called Fur Baby Rescue. There we met our dog, Luna (named Agatha at the time). We held her, took some pictures and adopted her.

We brought her home three days later because she had to have an operation and get vaccinated. On the very first day, she couldn’t walk or play because she had just come home from the hospital.

By the second day, we could play with her as we do now and we love her. She is very playful. She goes on walks, plays with a ball and is OBSESSED with some sort of stuffed duck.

I got back from sleep away camp about four days ago, and I SWEAR she is a lot cuter than when I left. We love Luna and I am so happy we got a dog!