‘A Night to Remember’

Junior Reporter Carys Thompson Shares a Teen Talent Contest Review

By CARYS THOMPSON | Junior Reporter

Lights! Camera! Action! In April, contestants from our very own Palisades Charter High School competed in a battle of show biz.

The Pacific Palisades Teen Talent Contest was busy with glitz and glamour and was held at Pali High on April 12. The energy was tensing as the contestants were asked to go backstage.

Rich Schmitt/Staff Photographer

Audience members began to file in, waiting to see who would grace the stage with the show’s best performance. Snacks were soon gone and lemonade was drank to the drop. Generous sponsors such as Hello Honey and This Girl Walks Into A Bar helped make this night possible.

The lights dimmed and hosts Cole Suarez and Valentina Silardi took to the stage to address their opening monologue. The judges and audience were waiting in anticipation as the duo left the stage and the first contestants took to the stage.

The first of 14 was a pair of star-studded singers who performed “Shallow.” The acts ranged from film creating to listening to classical piano pieces.

Rich Schmitt/Staff Photographer

The top two acts that stole the show were Hunter Barnett’s singing and dancing to “Gave it Away” and Juliet Burks’ performance of “Someone Like You” from the musical “Jekyll and Hyde.” These two spectacular acts were specifically chosen to win the top prize.

The winners were awarded their checks and everyone applauded. The entire night was, certainly, a night to remember.

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