A Family Affair

Palisadians Open Sixth Blushington Store in Brentwood


Like many people, Stephi Maron experienced bad acne as a teenager. She felt let down by the lack of affordable and comfortable places in Los Angeles to get her makeup done, which made matters worse. Enter Blushington.

At age 21, Stephi decided to do something about it. Driven by a passion for everyday beautiful makeup and a desire for women to feel confident, she conceived of and opened a full-service makeup store in West Hollywood.

That store soon multiplied, and the business has now infiltrated New York and Texas, in addition to California, including a Brentwood location, which opened on June 7.

Stephi chose to name her beauty empire Blushington because she was inspired by areas of London she enjoyed visiting, like Kensington. Everyone hated the name at first, but disdain turned to admiration.

In fact, other Maron family members climbed on board the Blushington train, including her sisters, Nicki, who is head of marketing, and Emily, an intern who helps with social media and design, and their father, Mark, chairman of the company. Mother Susan frequently visits the stores to lend a helping hand.

Blushington carries over 30 brands of makeup products and also offers an array of classes and treatments.

Since the Marons live in Pacific Palisades, they frequently make house calls to Palisadians who would like their makeup done in the comfort of their own home. They also do photoshoots for many Palisadian brands, such as Elyse Walker.

The latest Blushington establishment opened in Southampton, New York, on June 29.
The Marons have built something robust, with legs that keep on traveling.