Your Two Cents’ Worth


Potrero Canyon park will feature a path from the rec center down to PCH. On the other side of PCH is one of the prettiest beaches in the country, which will be accessible from the path only by running across the busy freeway. Amazingly, the park project manager said they’ll consider building a pedestrian bridge only after the park is completed. I’d suggest building it BEFORE the park opens, otherwise we’re just funneling a lot of young people into traffic.


For those who do not know, Kobe moved to the Marquez area of the Palisades when he was acquired by the Lakers at 17. He lived with his parents, Pam and Joe, but eventually built a separate home for them. Some of us were lucky enough to meet him and his parents, before he left for Orange County. At 18 he graciously signed basketballs from his home in the Palisades for auction at Palisades High School. I feel fortunate to still have one of those signed basketballs. He will be missed and I know like the rest of LA, the Palisades mourns his sudden death at such a young age. His generosity and philanthropy are well known. We wish his family peace and comfort in this difficult time.

Kobe II

Our former neighbor Kobe Bryant was a quintessential American success. He was eccentric (thought outside the lines), bright, freakishly talented, prickly, individualistic, extremely driven and entrepreneurial, with a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve and how to achieve it. Like so many highly successful Americans, he utilized individual freedom to soar. See—Edison, Gates, Jobs, Hershey, Carnegie, Ford, etc. RIP Mamba. Thanks for the memories and inspiration.

Clean Air

Embarrassed by the folks in our beautiful beach town that are for gas blowers. 15 minutes of use = a car trip to San Francisco. They’re loud, they kick up bacteria and dust and pollute like no other. And most gardeners just blow the leaves into the street. Get out of the stone ages and with the current state of things—every bit that we don’t dump into the air counts.


When you are pulling away from being parked at a curb PLEASE look to see if cars are coming! I have been almost hit while driving TWICE this week by cars who just pull away without checking to see if anyone is driving.


AirPod found! Please text 310-890-5237 and give detailed info to claim. i.e.: left or right AirPod, first or second edition, approximate location lost.