2 Cents


To the hero who used a branch to release my 12-year-old Goldendoodle from the jaws of a pit bull on Chautauqua last weekend: Thank you, you saved my dog’s life and we would like to offer you a reward. If anyone knows the identity of the Good Samaritan (who we presume to be a landscaper) driving a silver-ish pickup truck, please contact the Post.


The traffic-calming piece (“How to Calm Sunset” in the June 6 edition) was great food for thought. I’d heard about the Bolivian zebras from John Oliver’s show and like the idea, but have to cast my vote for the Danish (nudes holding up “slow” signs) proposal …

Parade of Woes

What was going on during the parade this year? It was so poorly managed. There was no announcer, or at least not one that could be heard on Swarthmore/Sunset. The movement bogged down and came to a complete stop continually. Horses were doing what they do and nobody was there to clean it up. We left after half an hour. And, $10 for the fireworks! I saw a family that turned back because they didn’t have the money. In this community of extreme wealth that is just inexcusable! What’s it going to be next year? The Palisades is moving in the wrong direction on so many levels.

Cell Phone, Hell Phone

Enough with all the complaining. This group doesn’t want the cell phone towers, but we don’t have proper service up here so we are stuck basically with one provider. That group doesn’t like the new power boxes (“devil poles”) that upgrade the dated power station, so we must live with frequent power outages. It’s called “modern living,” you can’t have all the services without some sacrifice. I could go on, but we all get the picture. It’s gotten ridiculous at this point.

Unhappy with Unhappy

You ran a lot of very hostile and unhappy comments about the Post in your last issue. You must like pain. But I thought it was lovely to see who the faces are behind the bylines. Journalism, like teaching, is not about big paydays but people like you do it because you think it’s important. And for decades, week after week, your paper has earned its place in the community and remains, warts and all, very, very important to the community. Thank you!

Unhappy II

To the person so angry that some kid got the billionaire Caruso to reveal the name of the ice cream place (McConnell’s): Relax—at least the Palisadian-Post isn’t FAKE NEWS … it’s just adorable news!


I certainly hope that they will carry their hot fudge! Was very disappointed when I went downtown and the McConnell’s at Grand Central Marketplace only had chocolate syrup. Fudge is a must!