Your Two Cents’ Worth

Farmers Market

The Pali High location is unsafe. Market parking at Pali is great for seniors. Meanwhile, families with small children are forced to run a dangerous gauntlet, crossing Bowdoin at an unmarked confluence of blind curve, fenced median and two busy driveways, while treading between scores of impatient cars.


In the new Palisades Village, above the Alo store, one door down from Monument, there are gold letters prominently displayed on the roof: AGJG. Does anyone know the significance of these letters?

(Editor’s note: The letters are for Rick Caruso’s children: Alex, Greg, Justin and Gianna.)


Thanks for the informative article by landscaper Zeder. Hard to remember plant’s specifics. How’s about a marker or sign next to them telling their name & similar description/facts? They’d be educational and add another dimension to the village experience.


While we should celebrate Palisades Village, here’s something we should not celebrate: Paige Laurie of Vintage Grocers, quoted in the Pali-Post as saying “So many of our seasonal Malibu guests have their full-time homes in the Palisades and Brentwood areas.” Seriously?


It’s always an exciting week when we have real weather! Now if it could just cool off so fall could really begin.


Is it just me or does it surprise others that people go to See’s only to get a free sample chocolate and not actually to buy anything? In my decades of buying See’s candy for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and just because I like scotchmallows and dark California brittle, I have witnessed this probably fewer than five times in a variety of stores throughout Southern California. But Saturday afternoon, while I spent at most 10-15 minutes in the store, no fewer than four adults and one child did just that. I’m not even including the adult with multiple children who all got samples and then purchased a single piece of chocolate and one lollipop. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if See’s closed this location and Palisadians won’t be able to blame the parking situation, outdoor music or high prices for the loss.


K Bakery is the best!!! We couldn’t survive without your delicious home-cooked dinners a few times a week.

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