Your Two Cents’ Worth


I was bitten by a dog while walking down Via De La Paz last week. It was a small dog on a leash that was obviously too long to allow a pedestrian to pass walking in the other direction. There was no warning. Many years ago, I was also bitten. Very few owners keep their dogs on a leach short enough to prevent unprovoked attacks. Of course, the owner was apologetic and said her dog never did anything like that before. It is impossible to stay out of range of all the dogs in the Palisades, especially at the recreation center.


I have been struggling to put into words the sadness I feel about losing everything that made Pacific Palisades the best place to live and raise a family. But then I read Lori Wallace’s letter to the editor in the Nov. 29 edition of the paper.  I couldn’t have said it better.


There’s been a lot of commentary in PP about the Caruso project since it opened. A majority of the comments I read express disappointment, for one reason or another. Given Caruso’s track record in LA with previous developments, did anyone really expect anything other than a shrine to consumerism for “Palisades Village?” Some people favor this, others are dismayed. As always.


Congrats to Rick Caruso who says “the sales being produced out of this property are the best in the country per square foot.” I hope he doesn’t get tired of winning so much.


I’m so sad to hear the news of Santa Monica Mountains’ P64 passing away after the Woolsey fire! Rest in peace, little guy.


I am so, so, so over holiday music. When will it stop???


That was a nice statement from Caruso in last week’s 2 Cents, but it didn’t answer the question: Are dogs allowed in restaurants at Palisades Village?

(Editor’s note: Additional information from a representative at Caruso: In keeping with ADA requirements, restaurants at Palisades Village must permit service animals.)