Your Two Cents’ Worth


Realtors: Please don’t leave your flyers at our doorstep; it compromises our home security.

Cutting Trees

Our trees and hedges are filled with nesting birds, but our streets are filled with tree cutters. Please hold off cutting your trees and hedges for a few months. August – December is best. January – May is the worst.


If you are going to have your lawn sprinklers on in the morning during a time when people are out walking their dogs or walking their children to school, please fix the sprinkler heads so they are not spraying the sidewalks and therefore getting people wet. It is a waste of water, and forces people to either get wet or to walk in the street to avoid getting sprayed. Thank you.

Gas Prices

Great to see the Post comment concisely(!) explaining the gas station business in the Palisades Village. I would like to add that the convenience value of having these stations includes excellent automobile service facilities that mean you may not have to go out of town to drop off and pick up your vehicle when it needs repairs.


Dear Mom of 13 year old who believes “the rule” is those exiting through a door have the right of way. That “rule” makes sense when the doors of an elevator or train are open and it’s clear who is coming and going. When exiting from behind a closed door unable to see who might be on the other side, may I suggest another “rule,” proceed with caution and concern for others. Someday Mom you could be that older person shaking your finger because a fall could mean a broken hip.

Starbucks II

Having good manners overrides the “rule” that the person exiting the building has the right of way. Not only would I expect my children to allow an elderly person to enter before they exited, I would expect, if possible, for my children to hold the door open for them. And, I would do the same.

Starbucks III

To the parent of the 13-year old exiting Starbucks. How about just teach your daughter to be respectful? Rules of etiquette include respectful treatment of the elderly. Try a little kindness. In fact, please teach it!

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