Your Two Cents’ Worth


I always see below these classic pictures on page 2 stating, “Do you know where a person in this photo is today?” Am I missing something here because  I  don’t believe I’ve ever read or ever see a follow up as to whom that person or persons. Are they are MOA? Just my two cents!

(Editor’s note: We do receive updates—like this one that we received after last week’s edition!)

Palisades Past

Our family has lived here nearly 30 years, so I remember the Palisades as it was. I think of the ocean, the beaches, the parks, the mountains, the trees, the wind. It was heaven on earth. Neither the homes nor the commercial buildings were spectacular, but people didn’t live here for the architecture. They settled here to be away from the city and to be closer to nature. Sadly, the new “Village” has destroyed our little haven. Right now, it looks like a piece of Las Vegas has been dumped onto Swarthmore Avenue. Perhaps the developer didn’t notice that around here we love real things. Our gardens are well tended and our hounds are well walked. We value family and have always supported local merchants. We never signed up for an ersatz Main Street vibe that gives new meaning to the term nouveau riche.


Regarding the new Village Christmas tradition. A method actor Santa—really?


We are told that we should love our imperfect family members, imperfect neighbors, imperfect community members, and imperfect countrymen. But we shouldn’t love our imperfect country which is made of all these people we love. If we shouldn’t love this imperfect country, which country should we love?


Just my thoughts on holiday traditions in the Palisades: I’m excited to see what the Chamber’s new event feels like. A lot of people have dismissed it without giving it a chance—but maybe it will be something really special. I attended Sunday’s tree lighting at Palisades Village and it was well done, but there were too many people in too small of an area and lots of pushy security staff unkindly asking us to keep moving, even when there was nowhere to move.


I really truly can’t wait to see what opens at the old Norris space. I miss having a hardware store but imagine the possibilities for what it could be!