Your Two Cents’ Worth


I’m sorry, but I have to draw the line in my utmost respect and support for our veterans (have you contributed to the Palisades Veterans Garden yet?) before voting for a bureaucrat like Sanders. If you think you’re currently paying Obama’s “your fair share” between California’s onerous and federal taxes, just wait until old socialist Bernie gets into your pocket!

Leaf Blowers

Happy 2020 let’s mind our own business everybody and not harass poor gardeners about gas leaf blowers and snitch on them to the city.


There’s been a few bad accidents across the Palisades the past few weeks, most recently on Palisades Drive. Let’s all take a moment to slow down, pay attention and stay safe.


Has my eyesight suddenly improved or have you increased the font size for the 2 cents column? I suspect it’s the latter, and probably because the most avid readers of 2 cents are old codgers like me with thin skins and thick glasses.

(Editor’s note: The font size varies slightly, so you caught it on a larger-font week.)


Woo-hoo! The giant pothole on Temescal has been filled.


I’m looking forward to having Malibu Coast in the Palisades! I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Malibu location.


We are so blessed to have beautiful sunsets all year, but especially in the winter. I love seeing the photos across social media, please keep them coming!

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