Your Two Cents’ Worth


Mr. Bonin and Mr. Garcetti are praised on a ginormous blue sign recently installed atop 2 ginormous posts prominently and permanently displayed at our Asilomar Bluffs. How much did the sign and its installation cost our overtaxed Southern Californians?

Leaf Blowers

It’s officially 2020, a new, refreshed year. Please let the leaf blower madness go!


I am tired of the Palisades’ lack of food diversity.


One special baby: What if our merchants offer gifts to any local baby born on 02/02/2020? Next chance: over a millennia later on 03/03/3030.


I had the most pleasant experience shopping at The Little Market! I was in need of a last-minute gift and the sweet woman working was able to assist me to find a good fit. And it felt good buying something that supports a good cause.


I love being on Temescal when the wood has been cleared – you can actually see the sidewalk and people not having to go around huge piles of trashed wood!


Driving through the Palisades is an adventure, from potholes to tree roots to pedestrians crossing streets whenever they feel like it. At least you know other drivers are 100 percent focused when driving through town to make sure they stay safe, except those who run stop signs!


Winter break feels especially long this year. The streets have been so quiet for so long. Looking forward to seeing them filled again, but not looking forward to the end of this break in traffic.