Your Two Cents’ Worth

Founders Island

There used to be a man who would empty the (doggy poop) trash bins and raked the sand paths every week. It’s been at least a month and the bins are overflowing with stinky poop bags. Gross.

Uh Oh

I got food poisoning from CHIPOTLE!! I’ve heard horror stories from our local Palisades location but never experienced anything myself, until NOW. Chipotle, please do something about the consistent lack of quality and service! TOCAYA replacing Chipotle would be the answer!

Gas Blower

ONE TEN MINUTE USE OF A GAS BLOWER = ONE CAR TRIP TO SAN FRANCISCO. This is why they are TOTALLY ILLEGAL in LA County. The gas blowers negate all the great work we’re doing with electric cars. Leaves suck, but, electric blowers work fantastic and so does a rake!

Gas Blower II

Dirty cars, dirty windows, dirty air. What do they have in common? LEAF BLOWERS.

PLEASE prohibit the use of blowers for healths sake! Today I saw one in use next to children walking to school. I’m not sure how Palisadians can be so conscious with their diet, health, families and pets and ignore this prevalent problem. Can you?


Completely devastated to hear about our beloved Coffee Bean closing! Manon and her wonderful team will be missed!!


To all those community members lamenting the loss of Coffee Bean: It’s important to show our support to the local businesses that we want to keep in town BEFORE they close. Yes Coffee Bean will be largely missed, but what could we have done to prevent this? What can we do now to prevent other spots from closing?


A company cut down trees in our yard that had been growing for a decade so they could install more dangerous wires. Our yard is a mess and our trees are dead and they won’t fix the damage.


So sad to see the passing of too-young Chris Whelan, who was just an outstanding person.  We moved to Chautauqua in 78, and Chris, Dr. and Mrs. Whelan, and the entire family exemplified the neighborly kindness and thoughtfulness that should always be the model for the Palisades community. Lux aeterna, Chris.

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