Your Two Cents’ Worth

‘Steadfast’ Continued

I’m going to say what so many feel: “Steadfast” is just plain creepy. Per an inside source,  instead of that huge lump of a statue we could have had a FOUNTAIN! But Palisadians voted it down. Maybe they were afraid of louder music a la The Grove? But that could have been solved. Bring on the water feature!


I like the old standards at Caruso’s. Sing on, Frank.


In the article, “A Look Inside the New Bay Theatre” from November 8, you print the adult and child admission prices. Is there a senior admission price? I and my fellow seniors would be very interested in knowing.

(Editor’s note: The Bay Theatre offers senior pricing for visitors 60 years and older, which ranges from $20.50 to $23.)

Garden Center

Thank you for investigating the empty nursery and garden center on Temescal and Bowdoin, but the mystery is still only partly solved. Inquiring minds still want to know why the owner that developed the property (Treefarmland, LLC) changed its mind, why any other nursery or garden center could reasonably be expected to operate there when Treefarmland doesn’t, and what might happen to this important neighborhood site when—as seems likely—no one wants to lease it for this very specific use.

(Editor’s note: The Post posed these questions to the listing agent and broker, but the company did not respond to inquiries.)

Local Gems

Thank you for “30 Years of Theater Magic” (November  8) about the history of the Pierson Playhouse and some of the dedicated people who have created and sustain this local gem, especially Eva Holberg, who is also a local gem.


I am praying for people, animals and fire fighters affected by the Woolsey Fire!


No fire has burned from Malibu to the Palisades. Be vigilant but unafraid.

Malibu Wines

I know it’s not in our town, but I visit Malibu Wines frequently and I want to know the truth about what happened to the animals and if there was an evacuation plan in place. If they rebuild, I will not return until I have these answers.

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