Your Two Cents’ Worth


I haven’t had the pleasure of driving down PCH during the summer on a weekend in the middle of a nice beach day and wow, I did not miss it. There are cars making U-turns all over the road and people honking and going nowhere. It was the most stressful couple of miles of driving I’ve done in a while!


Rushing in the am, I paid for fruit at the Ralphs self-checkout, and walked away without it! To my surprise, they remembered me the next day and replaced it.


Has anyone seen the Best of Nextdoor Twitter account? It’s hilarious seeing posts taken from the Palisades.

Little Bites

Edo Little Bites is my favorite thing about the new Village. It’s expensive but worth it. But now they shrunk the portions of my favorite tomato salad by half but still demand the same price! So disappointing.


Do hotel concierges send people to CarusoVille? There are overdressed tourists everywhere.


All this talk of rabid bats is freaking me out! And the treatment for potentially being exposed to rabies sounds awful.


Here is my list of useful ideas to fill the space at Norris that I think would be a success in the Palisades: Apple store, a gym, hardware store (I wish), a fast-casual restaurant. You can thank me later when one of these works out.


Had the worst experience at Erewhon where I was refused service at the hot bar because I asked for more shrimp, even though I was willing to pay extra! I used to go every day but now I don’t plan to go back.


Tried a very expensive but delicious but surprisingly satisfying latte at Alfred. I’ve officially become a part of the $5 coffee supporters.