Your Two Cents’ Worth

Fire Response

LAFD did a great job. Very reassuring. These guys deserve a pat on the back. What they do takes a lot of skill and courage. Four helicopters rotating from the reservoir to the fire zone and making drops close to the ground while enveloped in smoke. A fifth helicopter circling high overhead for surveillance. Dozens of ground crew protecting the perimeter to safeguard homes.


Watering down dry areas BEFORE wildfires begin would prevent them from starting, saving millions in containing them.


Very disappointed with the “Maisel” movie ticket promotion. All information about it said “one per customer.” That says to me that everyone in your party needs to be present to purchase their ticket. Being a rules follower, I showed up an hour before the 5:30 show with my party to buy our tickets only to be told that all movies (except the late 10:00 show of one movie) had been sold out since 11:00 am. You can’t tell me that every party of 2, 3, 4 or 5 all showed up in the morning to buy their tickets and then returned for the movie later in the day. They allowed individual people to buy multiple tickets. They can run their promo the way you want, just be clear and stay consistent with the rules to be fair to all.


I love Gelson’s. It’s my go to market. It would be environmentally awesome if they would cut down on their single use plastic waste. I think their customers would adjust pretty quickly. Come on Gelson’s be a leader in the fight against plastic.


I just drove along Sunset from the Highlands to the Village, following a car that was straddling both lanes the entire drive. It was so frustrating and also dangerous, the lanes are already narrow, we have to do our part to make the roads as safe as they can be!


Weekends have been packed with people at the Caruso mall though I notice nobody ever has a shopping bag. It’s like a park or place to hang out and eat or do anything except for shopping.


Love the old movies at Cinépolis during the week. We went to see “Top Gun” and it was so much fun! Keep the oldies coming!

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