Your Two Cents’ Worth


I was surprised to read one reader’s comment about LAPD and our Honorary Mayors’ lack of response to the 2nd racist incident in the Ralph’s parking lot. Our community, including LAPD, Council, The Crystals, and virtually everyone else have spoken up and acted against this. Unfounded blame doesn’t help solve the problem.


Driving down Temescal and seeing all the cut wood on the side of the road reminds me how lucky I am to live in a part of Los Angeles that isn’t all concrete and asphalt, buttoned-up and fenced in. Some remnants of a rural, more relaxed time.


My kids enjoyed the parade, but does anyone think it could use a little bit of a revamp?


My allergies have been going crazy for about a week now—what’s blooming to cause this?!


I saw a post online about things we have to be grateful for living in the Palisades and it made me feel good. Here are some of my favorite responses: waking up and being alive for another day; sun, friends and family; neighbors to have wine with on the bluff on Fridays.


I had a really great experience shopping for men’s clothing at Buck Mason in Palisades Village! The staff was nice and prices were reasonable.