Your Two Cents’ Worth


We miss trick-or-treaters. We’ve lived in Rustic Canyon for over 30 years. We always took our kids to the Rustic Canyon Park Halloween carnival but we also took them to trick-or-treat at the neighbors’ houses, a great tradition from our childhood. It’s a good way to experience neighborliness. But in the last two years no kids have come to our door, even though we put up two big Halloween flags several weeks ago and last week added a “cemetery” in the front yard and more decorations all around. If you’re a kid or have kids, grandkids or just young visitors next Halloween, please stop by and say “trick-or-treat.” We’ll have plenty of good treats

More Music

Hate to drag this issue on, but the outdoor music makes the new downtown feel more like a mall than a “village.” Everything else is well done, but the music makes it all kind of cheesy. It’s not Hollywood, it’s the Palisades!


Anyone ever witness Caruso posing for photos pretending to casually walk his dog along Swarthmore? The prop pup is then quickly ushered off post-photo session like a candidate on the campaign trail kissing babies. It’s hysterical.


Regarding your “Guest Editorial,” I do not feel that the “Steadfast” statue is anti-Statue of Liberty! What is wrong with love of country and saluting the flag??

Bah Humbug

Why do the holidays seem to start earlier and earlier each year? In the past, I at least could wait until after Thanksgiving to be overwhelmed by Christmas music, but this year, it started on Nov. 1. I can only hear “All I Want For Christmas Is You” so many times before I lose the spirit of the season!

Little Bites

I keep hearing about Hank’s and Blue Ribbon and Porta Via and The Draycott, but my favorite place to eat so far in Palisades Village has been Edo Little Bites. The menu is much bigger than I anticipated and even though it was crowded and near lunchtime when I last visited, I was able to get my food and a table outside in a totally reasonable amount of time. The perfect place to grab a bite!

Thank You

Thanks for the comprehensive, interesting and accurate article written about the Park Advisory Board.

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