Your Two Cents’ Worth


Wow, when I saw the first chairs go up on Sunset Monday afternoon, I couldn’t believe people were setting up so early for the parade, but they were and I love it!


How much for the dog on the cover of the Fourth of July magazine? No really, she’s so cute.


Ever since someone pointed out a teenager in a Corvette without plates, I’ve been seeing this car everywhere!


I’m glad the Post ran a review on CinqueTerre. I’ve been meaning to try it and now I am looking even more forward to it.


Hi Neighbors, not to be a nag, but … as I was running through the Huntington today I was dismayed by the number of U.S. Flags that I saw flying improperly. When you hang the flag vertically (not on a staff) the field should always be flown to the top left of the observer.


I saw a post from the Glendale Nextdoor site that said their daughter’s shoes and clothes were stained green after playing on grass at Caruso’s Americana…

Cell Service

I am getting increasingly annoyed with my cell reception. I pay far too much to have dropped calls and times when my texts don’t go through — and sometimes it feels like it’s getting worse in the Palisades!

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