Your Two Cents’ Worth

Hurry Up & Wait

Driving down Chautauqua at 6:35 a.m. Tuesday morning when a man in a white SUV decides to pass the #9 Big Blue Bus (why?) and doesn’t bother to look for the construction truck turning onto Chautauqua from La Cumbre so everyone almost dies. Then a teenager in a blue VW SUV follows him (also why?) and second near-death. Of course then both idiots are waiting at the red light at the bottom of the hill at PCH, and when I ask the man why he risked all our lives he says, “Listen, I don’t want a confrontation.”


I have to wonder: If we ban rodenticides in California, won’t the rat population explode?


To the guy that wanted an investigation into whether Palisades Village is making any money: It’s none of your business! Why don’t you publish your tax returns so we can know if you are making any money? One thing for sure Caruso is making money even if the shops aren’t. The stores must have signed leases that go at least 3-5 years and have pledged assets to pay those leases, even if they close, until someone else moves in. Eventually Caruso will find a store mix that works, it may take a few years but open or closed some shop will still be paying the rent.


Everybody keeps talking about a practice evacuation and wanting to do it but who is actually going to step up to the plate and make it happen?


I’ve seen posts about TWO hit-and-run incidents in the Palisades just last week. Between this and the car break-ins, when did our town get dishonest? If we can’t trust our neighbors when we are parked in front of our own homes, we are doomed.


I heard that a neighbor saw someone painting the lawn at Palisades Village green in the morning. There’s no way this can be true, is there?