Your Two Cents’ Worth


We enjoy the parade of dogs in Caruso’s Village, and we delight in young children playing on Caruso’s Green. But we were horrified when a dog owner brought her dog to do his business on the Green where, moments later, a toddler rolled face down on that spot.  Please be mindful of children; playing. Thank you!


Our world has lost a good, decent and honorable man. Go in peace, Arnie Wishnick.


I’m worried about the CarusoVille restaurants.  They’re never full. You can walk in anytime.  I thought they would be successful due to the lack of restaurants in town.  I’m worried they’ll close like the other stores.

Arnie ll

It was beautiful seeing the flags at the Village Green and Starbucks building flying at half staff in Arnie’s honor.  One of the greatest Palisadians ever.  The Palisades will never forget you Arnie.


I think that people are ridiculous saying that we should get rid of the sports section. It brings me joy hearing about our young ones competing in tournaments, on school teams, or even in the turkey bowl. If people want to hear about more academics the post can just lengthen their editions. Go team!


I was disheartened to hear about Pastor Davis and his daughter’s encounter with a crazy person in the Ralph’s parking lot in April. It reminded me of an encounter that my wife had in the same area. This was one crazy person and she was unfortunate enough to interact with him. Hate comes in all forms and all races. It does not discriminate.


In response to Eggstravaganza – Do you really want to idolize an old Anglo-Saxon goddess? And how do you feel about the German bunnies laying their eggs for the children in the Spring?

Dog Walker

There is a Latina woman dog walker who goes to Palisades Rec center most mornings. She allows her dogs, two of which look like Dalmatians,  to run wild over the ball fields and occasionally relieve themselves. The Rec employees tending the ballparks don’t admonish her. Can the park employees be told to tell her to stop?

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