Your Two Cents’ Worth


Let’s not forget: we live in a beautiful, safe place. Perfect? No. Pretty close? Yes!


When Erewhon or Amazon Trinkets goes out of business, maybe we’ll get something we really need—like a hardware store.


Have you seen the trash cans overflowing on the corners of Sunset and El Medio? They have not been emptied in months. A dog walking business must be emptying their customer deposits into these cans because a majority of trash in the cans is dog poop bags. I’m not sure who is in charge of emptying these, but somehow it has been overlooked.


Hats off to the author of the Letter to the Editor on lack of police presence in the Palisades. We are basically sitting ducks and all of Los Angeles knows how easy it is to come here, rob homes and get away quickly especially because there are no police here basically. I personally know about 2 hit and run accidents and who the perpetrator is and nothing is being done. I’m told the city attorney will never file charges if there is not bodily injury. How we have devolved!

Vintage Grocers

Shame on those of you who are bashing Wal-Mart heiress Paige Laurie for closing Vintage Grocers’ Palisades store. We should be grateful that she tried to create jobs and provide a service to our community. She could just sit home and count her money. It takes vision, money, and a lot of hard work to open a business, and nobody is more disappointed when it doesn’t work out than the person who took the risk to build it—no matter how wealthy they may be. Kudos to her for giving it her best shot, and may she fare well in future endeavors.

General Porpoise

Unfortunately with rents that high you have to charge $5 for one donut. High rents are passed down to us consumers in the form of outrageous prices. I went into that market the first night it opened and I wouldn’t pay $6 for one pound of baby red potatoes.


The old locals all know that town has never ever been a big shopping meca. How many restaurants have we all seen come and go over the past 30-40 years? Who wants to bet how long Erewhon survives? A year, maybe.

Survival II

Businesses have trouble surviving in the Palisades. Also, we just wanted a Trader Joe’s and a Target, not all these unrealistic, high-end shops.


Yay! Can’t wait for Madewell! Finally … a store I can actually shop in!

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