Your Two Cents’ Worth

Flight Corridor

Why is this newspaper not overrun with comments from Palisadians outraged that we are now (since 2018) DIRECTLY under the sole north/east-origin flight corridor into LAX?? EVERY single minute of the day there is now a commercial or business jet rumbling and whining directly over our homes instead of arriving via the ocean. I used to marvel daily at our luck at having landed in this quiet enclave of LA. The FAA has ROBBED us of our quietude forever if we don’t protest vociferously! Are we really going to collectively roll over and allow our peace (and resale values) be ruined?


Thank you for publishing a piece on the book “Rainbow Around the Son.” I read it and I wanted to thank you for bringing attention to what this mother had been through.

Acme Love

Props to Acme 5 for their lighted Love sign! What a great bonus to see it when driving by or taking an evening stroll. The world needs more love.


I’ve been eating at Vintage Grocers’ hot bar more and more often and let me just say: It is SO good! I can’t recommend it enough. Plus they have a great variety of foods, so every day I can try something new.


Having a second farmers market location in The Highlands doesn’t help the people in the Village at all. It’s very small, it favors the people who live in The Highlands. I never drive up there anymore, it’s too far from me. Even Pali High, I have to drive to it, I can’t walk anymore like I used to.

Market II

Personally I’m excited that we’re getting a second farmers market. I haven’t been up to The Highlands in a long time, and the recent drive I took up there reminded me how beautiful it is up there. This will give me an excuse to visit more often!

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