Your Two Cents’ Worth


Is it just me or does it seem like Topanga is closed every time it rains now? Makes the drive up PCH nicer, but harder to get to the Valley and beyond!

Conservative I

Your 2¢ post last week, denouncing “too many liberals” for being “consumed by unprecedented rage and vitriol” seems to reflect rage and vitriol of your own. Please rethink, and try to respect your fellow citizens.

Conservative II

To the person who posted “Conservative”: When you identify yourself as “Conservative” I must assume you identify “Republican.” As a former long-term Republican I choose that integrity is more important than party. This president has become the figurehead and policymaker of the Republican Party and his lack of integrity made me embarrassed to call myself a Republican in front of my 11-year-old daughter. She deserves better. Truth and honesty matter. Integrity matters.  Money and individual policy stances are secondary to me in today’s political environment, if the figurehead lacks honesty and righteous purpose. Many Republican stances supported for decades have flipped in a matter of 2 years “just because.” That is disingenuous. If you believe you are Conservative, then take your party back. Stand up. NATO is important! Russia is bad. Our community deserves respect and is smarter than the President in what they specialize in. I trust they are the best in the world. I love America and I ALWAYS decide my choices based on “country first and party second.” I believe THAT is the misunderstanding between Conservatives and Liberals. Liberals believe Conservatives, right now, don’t take integrity into consideration, and they choose party over country.

Conservative III

I proudly identify as a Conservative! I speak up for my beliefs on a regular basis with anyone who wants to have that conversation. I stand for the National Anthem with my hand over my heart because I love my country and honor all those who have sacrificed in order to preserve our freedoms. The flag flies at my front door because I am proud to be an American, like so many others in the Palisades. We will not be silenced or intimidated. We love Steadfast and all he stands for, with his hand over his heart, looking up at the American flag. He is a symbol of quiet strength, perseverance, respect and honor. What values could better express the spirit of the Palisades community?


Would it be possible for the Pal. Post to list the movies currently playing at the Bay Theater?

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