Your Two Cents’ Worth


I would like to thank the person who turned in my Mercedes Benz car key to the YMCA last week. I greatly appreciate it.  This is proof of what a great town we live in.

Steadfast I

I don’t understand all the controversy about the Steadfast statue at Palisades Village. Isn’t it obvious that the meaning of Steadfast is that really, really large people can be patriotic, too?

Steadfast II

The motivation for moving to the Palisades 30+ years ago was the culture unique to Southern California, one which valued family, morality and our place in this American-based society. Sadly, some of our newer narcissistic arrivals come with an entitled attitude. Mr. Caruso, don’t be influenced by the 3% minority. The other 97% are perfectly fine with the message you have conveyed with Steadfast.

Steadfast III

Having to see Steadfast tome again reminds me that the author has way too much time on their hands and could use some more clients.


Now that Tocaya is out — which I am bummed about! — I’m really, really hoping Caruso brings in a similar tenant. My vote would be for Cava (yum) or Lemonade (even more yum).

New Years

My New Year’s resolution is to take more time to appreciate all of the small things that make the Palisades great. I’m talking really taking the time to stop and smell the roses. If some of our biggest issues is whether or not we disagree with “Steadfast” and the prices of tickets to see a movie, we have it pretty good.

Rain, Rain

I am living for this weather!! More rain, please.

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