Year In Review: Junior Reporters

From advice columns to summer camp, our Junior Reporter team covers a wide variety of topics—many of which are featured on the Post’s weekly Kid’s Page. For those who are in grades one through 12 who are interested in joining the team for 2020, please email with your name, grade and school.

January 3

Hanna Shin started 2019 with sharing a favorite memory of 2018: going to camp at Hume Lake in Fresno County. “I had so much fun and the days passed by so quickly,” Hanna wrote. “As we drove back, I found myself missing Hume Lake, which was ironic. None of my worries that I had before the camp ever happened. I liked the food, I didn’t miss my bed, I didn’t get sick and no bears showed up. I did miss my family a little bit. Hume Lake was a blast and I had the greatest time there!”

Photo courtesy of the Shin family

March 28

Vanessa “Vany” Masterson launched her very own advice column, tackling questions like: “What do you do when your teacher is unbearably boring?” and “What’s your advice for getting along well with your brother or sister?” Some of the advice Vanessa offered included, “Every time you have an argument with a sibling, just leave the room. You can also stay and talk things out if you’d like to. And if you feel like an argument is about to come, start talking about something both of you like, and you will forget about it by dinner.”

Photo courtesy of Vanessa Masterson

May 9

Curious about frequent helicopter activity above the house, Naya Ramaswami was inspired to join the Junior Reporter team after meeting Councilmember Mike Bonin in the living room of a local home. “Mike Bonin is happy to listen. That’s not the problem,” Naya shared. “If residents want to truly make a difference in our community, I think more should make their voices heard. Can you imagine the difference residents could make if they actually filled that living room and demanded action from our leaders?”

Photo courtesy of the Sash Ramaswami

August 1

At the age of 11 years old, Daniel Winston Gatto (above) covered a power outage that occurred near Mandeville Canyon at 12:45 a.m. after a tree fell onto a power line—leaving his home in darkness until the next evening. “This experience makes me wonder, in an emergency could we function properly without power?” Daniel mused. “Are we prepared? And the bigger question, could our City Officials help the citizens if they were in need?”

Photo courtesy of the Gatto family

October 31

After wondering if anyone had ever properly interviewed Alexa, Riley Keston got to the bottom of it, asking questions from what her favorite color is (ultraviolet—it goes with everything) to what is her favorite animal (seahorses—they make her smile). Riley concluded the interview with: “Alexa, thank you for taking the time today. Now that I know you better, can we be friends?” “I’m glad to be your friend,” Alexa responded.

Photo courtesy of Amanda Keston