Your Two Cents’ Worth

Check Your Brick

Great job, Caruso, adding bricks with community names to the sidewalk on Sunset at the east end of Palisades Village. But bad job spelling names. The Palisadian-Post is shown as “Palisdian-Post” and the name of its owner (Alan Smolinisky) is also incorrect. (The brick honors “The Somolinsky’s.”)


To the person who doesn’t understand why we don’t need a liquor license at the Bay Cinema: It’s a movie theatre not a sports bar. If you want call service and drinks then stay home and watch TV.


Thank you for the article on teeth whitening. Such a simple thing, but it cleared up a lot of false notions!


The new Palisades Village (aka Carusoville) is beautiful and exciting. Call me Grumbly or “in a funk,” but I remain concerned about the muzak: Does Mr. Caruso’s city permit allow amplified music on Swarthmore? I love music. But on a city street it is invasive, not to mention inconsistent with the Village’s sustainable design limiting pollution. What about noise pollution?

Muzak II

The new Palisades Village is beautiful, but I am so disappointed that the decision was made to blast all of us with very loud outdoor music similar to what was done in Calabasas!!  A nice soothing background music or none at all would add so much more to the experience. Please stop the music!!!!

Deli Problems

The deli counter staff at the new market is eager and polite but bewildered and under trained. Plus, the pizza chef on lunch break at lunchtime? And displayed menu items not available in the first week? Room to improve. This is meant as constructive criticism. I want them to succeed.

Open House

After waiting years for the absolutely beautiful Palisades Village to open, we were so proud and happy when the day finally arrived. On the second Sunday following the grand opening, we were so disappointed to see the large number of open house signs positioned right in front of the village stores. Really? Agents, as ambassadors of fine real estate, do these signs enhance the look of our town? Do you care?


The Caruso Village is a great addition to the community … however, where are the stores for 10-18 year old boys and girls? There is only so much makeup, ice cream & candy a kid can have!

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