Your Two Cents’ Worth


Not only is there a new Palisades Village … there’s a community theatre on Temescal Canyon Road near Sunset Boulevard. In its final weekend check out the hit show “BARK” The Musical. It’s a kick!


Now that Palisades Village is finally open, it’s time for an answer to the next Pali real estate mystery. On the corner of Temescal Canyon and Bowdoin, opposite Pali High, some developer has constructed a “Garden Center” that has been for lease for months. Why would anyone invest in such a specialized facility without first lining up a tenant? Inquiring minds want to know.


Took a stroll today through “Palisades Village.” Let’s be honest with ourselves, this is a shopping mall, not a “village.” Maybe that’s what people here want. But it’s not a village by any stretch of the word.

Thank You

Want to thank Omar at Beech St. Café for kindly helping my husband after he fell on the sidewalk near the restaurant. He was kind, caring and did a great job of dressing his wound. Kudos to him and we thank him so much.  Please go see Omar for great service!


The new Amazon Books Store has the appeal of a cluttered garage sale hawking a baffling (dis)array of items sure to please a squirrel afflicted with a limited attention span.  A booklover’s store, it is not: They tell you what to read and won’t take orders for any other book title you would rather read.

Weitz I

Ted Weitz has consistently protested against Caruso’s Palisades Village to a wide range of state and local agencies, most recently the California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control. Which state agency would be best for protesting against Ted?

Weitz II

I believe that Ted Weitz’s effort to stop Bay Theatre from having a liquor license is misguided and unfair. An upscale movie theater in Pacific Palisades is an exceptionally unlikely venue for any excessive drinking or rowdy behavior. Cinepolis (the theater owner) is investing millions of dollars to bring a world-class theater experience to our town—and being able to sell alcohol in a responsible manner is undoubtedly an important part of their business model. Mr. Weitz is welcome to drink water or a soda when he attends the movies—but it’s not his place to prevent other adults from enjoying a glass of wine or cocktail with their film.

Kind Commitment

One of the nicest kindest persons I have ever met is a fashion consultant at Elyse Walker. I told her I was just browsing while waiting to pick up food for the homeless. I was complaining that I felt that I had to do it five evenings a week. She volunteered to pick up and deliver the food two nights a week. I thought “good, she’ll do it for a week and quit.” It has been more than a year since she has been doing this along with other good deeds for the homeless. If everyone were as thoughtful and generous as this Elyse Walker employee, it would be a better world.