Your Two Cents’ Worth


It’s wonderful to read about a new food place (Kim Kedeshian’s K Bakery) that is moving into The Village in a story that does not have the word “Caruso” in it.

Fond Memories

Maison Giraud was a most popular restaurant and bakery prior to the demolition here in The Village. Will it be returning? I miss so much—its ambience and the delicious bread and food. Yes, we have other delicious places—many Italian food sources and our Chinese establishments, Pearl Dragon. However, Maison Giraud was unique and a wonderful addition to our village. Please, please, Mr. Caruso, bring the book store and the French restaurant back to our village. If you agree please write in support of the return of Maison Giraud.


That picture of that yoga teacher with the taco truck guy (Rodolfo Barrientos of Gracias Señor) was off the hook, totally insane. You just happened to be passing when they were doing yoga on Sunset?

(Editor’s note: No, it was posed for the camera of Staff Photographer Rich Schmitt.)


Whoever suggested stringing piano wire across the road to behead the Ruthless Ryderz probably would call that a “joke.” What a joker.


A six-and-a-half-hour wait for two minutes at the counter. This is our California DMV.

Council Election

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who is standing for the Pacific Palisades Community Council. It sounds like a horrible job, with everyone being nasty to each other. I would not do it for all the tea in China.