Top 10 Things to do During Spring Break

By PERSIE HUBER | Junior Reporter

It’s almost Spring Break and you have time off school. The main question is: What should we do over the break? If you aren’t going away, then you’re in luck because I have 10 things to do during Spring Break!!!

Are you adventurous? If you are, then go camping or glamping. Both of these activities include sleeping out in the wilderness and roasting s’mores, YUM!!!

The beach is a great way to spend a day (surfing, playing, building sandcastles) but you can do more! Go to amusement parks (Universal Studios, Disneyland, Six Flags) or local parks and museums (Griffith Park).

If you want to be up close to the fish, then aquariums (like the Santa Monica Aquarium or the Long Beach Aquarium) or whale watching tours are the way to go!

Do you just like the sunny days or biking? Cruise the bike path all the way to Manhattan Beach where you can go to the Kettle and eat ice cream (Manhattan Beach Creamery) and more!

Or you can splash around the pool at Pali High with your friends. Speaking of your friends, you can have sleepovers and watch movies with them. And the final activity to do in break is (drumroll please) …… going to Catalina Island!!! You will sail to Catalina on a beautiful ferry and join the Spring Fest on April 18.

These fun things will have you enjoy Spring Break more than EVER!!! See ya at the campground!!