Thelma Todd’s Cafe “Far From Demolition,” Says Owner

The former Thelma Todd’s Sidewalk Cafe building at 17575 Pacific Coast Highway sold on Jan. 13, 2015 to Hayman Properties, LLC for $6,000,000.

Robert Hayman told the Palisadian-Post on Thursday, Nov. 19 that he has no plans to demolish the property, aside from “certain small aspects of the interior of the space in accordance with city requirements” – quelling speculation that the building is slated for demolition in January.



Rich Schmitt/Staff Photographer

“It’s far from a demolition. It’s basically removing certain worn-out flooring, obsolete environmental systems, etc. The exterior will remain intact,” Hayman said, adding that “even most of the interior will stay the same.”

“We still have the vision of returning this property to its days of glory, albeit using newer/better materials and methods/processes. In my heart of hearts, I believe it will be even better than it ever has been – something that not only we, but also the community will be proud of,” Hayman told the Post.

Look for the full story in an upcoming issue and check out some photos of the historic – and mysterious – property from the Post’s exclusive inside tour in May of 2015.