How to Sell Your Home ASAP

By MARIE TABELA | Contributing Writer

Spring is often considered by many to be the hottest time of year to sell a home. Weather generally starts to improve and families get ready to make their move during the summer months while school is out of session.

Though it is a good time of year to list a home, there are still steps to take to better position a home to sell faster in this hot market.

The Palisadian-Post spoke to two real estate agents to get their tricks of the trade to help prevent a listing from becoming stale.

Shawn Donohoe of Keller Williams in Brentwood suggested painting the front door of a home in a standout color, such as navy or red. This helps draw the eye to the home and gives the house a pop of color.

Making sure each room has a purpose is also paramount to helping buyers see the potential for each room. When a buyer can see a dedicated office or playroom, it helps them to envision their own lives in the home.

Donohoe also suggested keeping closets looking organized by storing half of their contents. Small accessories, like a Navajo rug in the kitchen or a teepee in children’s’ rooms, also add character and warmth to a listing.

To make the exterior of the home look fresh, try giving the house a face-lift by swapping out old address numbers for new numbers and getting a new mailbox. Lastly, she suggested placing white orchids throughout the entire home.

Ryan Victor of Rodeo Realty in Pacific Palisades also had hot tips to offer those considering listing their homes. Staying optimistic about a listing and trusting the agent is important both for the seller and the agent.

Making the home available for viewings, keeping it clean at all times and swapping out furnishings, either through a staging company or by hiring a decorator, are important aspects for a home to sell quickly as well. The better the home looks, the faster it should sell.

Victor also recommended buyers avoid trying to sell the house on their own if they are not agents themselves.

“Although many owners attempt to go [for sale by owner], it can get tricky with the paperwork,” Victor explained. (Unfortunately, binge watching HGTV and “Million Dollar Listing” does not actually earn you a real estate license.)

He also suggested not opting out of open houses, because making the home available allows more potential buyers and agents of buyers to see the home. He explained the importance of internet marketing, saying “the search begins [for buyers] online.”

Victor also cautioned buyers to refrain from overpricing the property and encouraged them to be open to negotiations. Remaining reasonable will help get the job done.

There are many other ways to help close the deal faster,
but adding these tips to the fingers-crossed-wishing-on-a-star ritual might just help bring a seller to their new home that much quicker.