Patrick Francis Harrington

October 10, 1949 – August 19, 2019

Patrick Francis Harrington was born October 14, 1949, in Chicago, Illinois to his parents John and Celeste Harrington. The Harrington family moved to the Pacific Palisades in 1952 where his parents opened Harrington’s Camera, which became one of the longest operating businesses in town.

Pat attended Corpus Christi Elementary School and graduated from Palisades High School in 1967. Being a star varsity player in high school, Pat’s first career path would have been baseball. Unfortunately prevented by a blown knee, he joined the family business after graduation.

Before he would pursue what would become his lifelong passion of woodworking and construction, Pat worked overseas with a company that transported oil; owned a rental car business; and dabbled in real estate and the movie business.

He was a talented and creative craftsman and put his heart into everything he did, whether it be a new home or a piece of custom-built cabinetry. Throughout his life, Pat mentored many and was responsible for launching several careers.

He had the innate gift of making everyone he met feel worthy, important and a friend—whether they be homeless or famous—Pat was truly pure of heart.

A devoted father and friend, he never missed a special occasion, was the person everyone called and the person who would without question take a bullet to protect anyone he loved.

Pat also loved the ocean and Triumph Bonnevilles. He enjoyed taking long weekend cruises up the coast or swimming with dolphins.

His most recent years were spent working at Anawalt Lumber in Malibu, where the staff became a second family and Pat became the company’s heart and resident expert.

He will forever be remembered by his family and friends for his witty, childlike sense of humor, laid back attitude, and his unwavering sweet tooth! He lived each day in the present, doing the things that made him happy with the people he loved.

Patrick will be greatly missed. His legacy will be remembered by everyone he touched.

Pat is survived by his family: Renee Harrington; Shaun, Amy, Liam and Sutton Harrington; Morgan Harrington, Micko and Makai Ortiz; Sandra Bilson; Greg, Erin and Thea Bilson; Jessica, Cassidy, Sophie, Finn and Jude Cousens; Debby Harrington; Cathy Rodriguez; and Kevin Harrington.