Palisadian Robberies on the Rise


As the weekly crime report generates a list of nefarious activities, certain patterns have been identified. Robberies, in particular, are occurring more often.

“They are up compared to last year at this time,” LAPD Senior Lead Officer Michael Moore confirmed to the Palisadian-Post.

He noted that some are “homeless-related,” such as a recent incident where a man was begging for money in the center of a street, got yelled at by passersby and then punched. Finally, his backpack was stolen.

Moore provided information about some other crimes, including the robbery of Elyse Walker’s clothing store on June 9 that involved two teenagers.

He said that they arrived into the Palisades in an Uber vehicle from the Crenshaw area and took $3,040 worth of handbags.

The suspects were carrying pepper spray, which they used on a male security guard.

An off-duty FBI agent, female, and a Palisades Patrol officer assisted with apprehending the suspects. All property was returned.

Currently the store has two entrances that criminals can potentially enter through. Moore is working with the store to identify how they could be more secure and less tempting, though it depends on how the staff wants to present their goods to clients.

Representatives from Elyse Walker declined to comment on the robbery as the case is currently under investigation.

On the evening of June 8, the Lachman Lane robbery concerned five suspects, black males between the ages of 18 and 21, and three victims; two black males and one female, thought to be Hispanic. The latter were from Woodland Hills and Winnetka.

Moore believes that the three from the Valley went to Lachman Lane to hang out, and when they got there, the five men were already claiming the spot.

“They probably saw three likely victims and decided that the isolation the area offers was too good to pass up,” Moore said.

After scanning the victims for electronics via a pocket check, they stole $80 cash, a $300 pair of shoes, an $800 Gucci handbag, a gold chain, an iPhone 8 valued at $800, an iPhone 6 and a pair of Air Pods.

There was also a threat made “that someone would get his or her jaw broken,” Moore added. While fleeing, the suspects dropped one shoe, the iPhone 8 and a driver’s license. They were recovered by law enforcement.

“LAPD is aware that [robberies] are an issue here, and the officers assigned to the area should concentrate their patrols [in problem spots],” Moore said.

As far as an increase in LAPD presence, funding is not currently in place for that.

Moore’s advice for residents concerned about home invasions is to “make sure all windows and doors are locked when you leave home, even on the second floor, and set an alarm system.”

He said that, when you are home, it is good to answer the door when someone knocks. That doesn’t necessarily mean opening the door—but simply peering through a peephole and alerting the visitor of your presence.

“Unanswered doors attract criminals,” he said, repeating it for emphasis.