Palisadian Author Publishes Second Book

The author
Photos courtesy of Janet Wertman


When Palisadian author Janet Wertman self-published “Jane the Quene,” the first part of a historical fiction trilogy, she had no idea it would find the success that it did.

The book went on to sell over 5,000 copies and gave Wertman the confidence to continue. On Aug. 24, Wertman released “The Path to Somerset,” the second part of the trilogy.

Publishers Weekly described the book as a “sweeping historic detail and bewitching blend of rivalries and romances will dazzle devotees of Tudor England.”

“I like writing about important periods of time that actually happened and then filling in the blanks,” Wertman explained.

The Palisadian novelist said she relied on peer book-writing groups for critiques and insight as to the direction of her project.

By day, Wertman is a legal writer and finds solace in being able to write fiction for a change.

She described her second book as telling “the account of Henry’s tumultuous reign, as seen through the eyes of two opponents whose fierce disagreements over religion and common decency fuel epic struggles for the soul of the nation. And for power.”

Wertman said she hopes her readers find an escape the way she does and can find anecdotes in the book that they can relate to.

For young writers, she urges them to seek peer review groups. The input of others not only guides the writer, but builds a community of people doing the same thing as you, Wertman said.

With the third installment of her trilogy coming soon, Wertman said she has other trilogy ideas lined up, and will be writing them over the next several years.