We have been working on our online version of the Palisadian-Post for more than a year. We have tested it, tried to break it at 3 a.m. and, we hope, improved it.

So, now, it’s here—the Palisadian-Post Online, for subscribers who think that clear, strong, generous, community journalism is worth paying for.

Yes, it’s time to turn on your digital subscription so you can read your town’s only weekly newspaper online—from wherever you are in the world.

You will not only learn everything that is happening in Pacific Palisades, from family events and sports to crime and politics, but also receive Breaking News Alerts by email. A traffic warning could save your day!

But wait: There’s more.

From now on, every registered subscriber will be automatically entered into a quarterly drawing for free goodies from around town.

This week it will be a luscious cake baked to your taste by Sweet Laurel Bakery—an early opportunity to sample the mouthwatering flavors that will be coming to Rick Caruso’s Palisades Village project next summer.

We hope the lucky winner will share a slice with our staff photographer, Rich Schmitt.

And the next prize? A night of dining fun at Kay ‘n Dave’s Cantina on Sunset Boulevard when it reopens next month. Dave himself might be there to greet you!

And so much more to enjoy … only in your Palisadian-Post.

From the Editor

By JOHN HARLOW | Editor-in-Chief

As the Palisadian-Post approaches its 90th birthday, in a world even more turbulent than the town’s Methodist Fathers could have imagined, supporting fact-based journalism and your local newspaper has never been more important.

It’s a newspaper, which, lest we forget, was until 2012 owned by an Illinois family and, like so many other papers around the world, facing financial uncertainty.

That was until a low-key Palisades Charter High School alum put his money where his heart is: in your community newspaper.

A year ago, after 24 years with The Sunday Times of London, the proprietor offered me a simple mission: to relieve the amazing Palisadian Frances Sharpe as editor, and to provide you, the busy reader, with news, features, sports and reviews that can inform and enrich your life in this extraordinary town.

It is not always happy news, but it’s always professionally gathered by serious-minded journalists who spend their working days seeking to understand and represent all sides of the events and debates that roil this town in a fair-minded, calm and non-partisan style.

We speak with the Ruthless Ryderz motorcycle club and the homeless, tycoons and real estate developers, police and firefighters, city planners and community leaders, fashion mavens and young rock and rollers. And we listen, so that you can judge.

There are so many uniquely Palisadian moments that only we capture.

This starts with nearly two decades of unparalleled local sports coverage generated by Steve Galluzzo, who drives thousands of miles a year to witness our athletes at their best.

And when it comes to park, church and market gatherings, our Staff Photographer Rich Schmitt and his beloved associate Courtney are greeted like old friends.

Then we have our junior reporters and interns, maybe your kids, who teach us something new every day—like the latest Pali High slang in last week’s Back to School magazine, one of six specials we make for you during the year.

You will not always agree with everything in the newspaper; I take pride in our stubborn independence. Mistakes and misunderstandings, they all come down to me.

But the authentic voice of the community rings out every week on the Letters to the Editor page and in the always-wild 2 Cents column.

We know we are part of your family—and not just because you take the Post with you on vacation and send us pictures from exotic locations.

It’s because the Post has long sponsored a range of family-friendly “happenings,” from the Spelling Bee to Mr. and Miss Teen Palisades.

And, scary to think, the Creep Your Crypt Halloween contest is not far away.

You cannot experience such events on social media, home of sudden vicious storms and hurt feelings. It gets so personal, so fast.

You are not going to find such commitment in the avalanche of free newspapers and glossy magazines that are dumped unrequested onto your mat, only to be junked without being read.

Right now, some of the Post editorial and advertising staff are relative newcomers to the town. Talk to Matthew and Gabriella (Ellie) and Sarah and Nilanti, share your woes and delights, help us help you understand our town, be a true and generous Palisadian—subscribe and support your only local weekly newspaper.

Around this page are images captured in the Palisades this year by Rich Schmitt.

Now turn the page for a taste of some of the amazing local stories you could not have read anywhere else over the last year …

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